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Ella Tuk Tuk Safari


Ella is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. Only 8 km from Bandarawela, this small town is used as a base for plenty of trekking expeditions to the surrounding countryside. Where you seem to be standing at the edge of the world, and everything around you seems to disappear at your feet.
Some of the places you could see in Ella are the Ella Gap, Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam's Peak and Bambaragala Peak among the other many varied pleasant walks with stunning scenery.


The Ravana Ella lies 4,500 feet above sea level on the foundation of a cliff in Uva. This beautiful tourist location is at a 7 miles distance from Bandarawela. The spectacular Ravana Ella falls is a little more distant from here and is known to be one of the widest falls of Sri Lanka. The grandeur of the Ravana fall is its wild look amidst wilderness. Ravana Ella pours itself down to the Ella gorge. The water finds it course down in three stages for 9 metres and then curves itself in a stream.


The Ravana cave tunnels prove beyond doubt the architectural brilliance of King Ravana. These tunnels served as a quick means of transport through the hills & also as a secret passage. A .close look at these tunnels indicates that they are man-made and not natural formations. This Buddhist shrine at Kalutara was where once King Ravana's palace & a tunnel existed. Existing tunnel mouths are situated - Isthripur at Welimada, Ravana cave at Bandarawela, Senapitiya at Halagala, Ramboda, Labookelle, Wariyapola /Matale, and Sitakotuwa/Hasalaka.


This is known as the Bridge in the Sky. One end of this curved 9 arch Demodara bridge is a tunnel. As the train passes the station the railway line loops upon itself, encircles an adjoining hill top and passes through a tunnel underneath the station which is around 75 – 100 feet below the station. The railway loop was designed and built during the British Colonial period in the shape of a turban, this railroad loop is a unique feature in the hill country. The rail track goes around the mountain in a loop and through a tunnel beneath the Demodara Railway Station.


One of the best ways to spend a morning in Ella is to tackle the beautiful short walk up to the top of Little Adam's Peak, a pyramid-shaped rock which stands opposite the far larger Ella Rock and offers marvelous views out over the hills The walk makes a very pleasant morning's excursion, and is fairly gentle and largely flat, apart from a small amount of climbing near the end. Count on around two hours return and go as early as possible before the clouds set in. To begin the walk, head down the Passara Road for 1km, passing pine woods to your left.


Bambarakanda falls is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 790 ft (240.79m). To reach this falls one should proceed on Badulla - Colombo road up to Weerakoongama junction in Haldummulla area. From weerakoongama there are 5 km to the right. This is situated in a very secluded area and beautifully visible from November to February. The beauty of the falls is that the whole stream sways to and fro due to the very strong winds blowing across it. 1.5 Hours from the hotel by surface.


Yala National Park is 309 km south of Colombo on the southeast of the island. It is well known for its biggest, extensive area of 1,259 sq km, and for its best wildlife preservation in the country. With it's considerable size, the terrain of the national park is varied from flat plains to rocky outcrops. The vegetation ranges from open parkland to dense jungle. There are also abundance of water supply for animals and birds ranging from waterholes, streams, small lakes to lagoons. The national park is divided into Yala West (also called Ruhuna) and Yala East. Yala West or Ruhuna National Park is now well recognized as the best park in the world to observe and photograph leopards

Yala National Park 

Dowa Rock Temple is situated by the Bandarawela - Badulla road 4.5 km away from Bandarawela. This belongs to king Walagamba era. In the past, this was known as the Kumbaltispaha vihara and later on as Ariyakara Temple. Frescoes and inscriptions belong to the first century B.C. The most attractive feature is the 36 ft (10.98m) incomplete standing statue of the Load Buddha carved out of a stone cliff. Inside the cave covered by drip-ledges are full of frescoes belong to into Kandyan period. The gorgeous Perahera is centre of attraction held in every year.

Dowa Rock Temple 

This historical site consists of seven statues carved out from a rock which appears as an elephant down on its knees when viewed from a distance. Among these statues, one is 51 ft high which is considered as the highest rock carved Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. On either side of this, statues of Avaloketheswara Bodhisathwa have been carved out according to Mahayana tradition. These statues are located at the temple of Buduruwagala, 2km off Buduruwagala junction on Wallawaya - Thanamalwila road.


This is a historically and aesthetically important place which is located 3 km away from Haputale town. On a fine day, the places like Piduruthalagala, Kandapola, Ragala, Ambewea, Boralanda, Diyatalawa and Bandarawela can be viewed from here. The founder was Sir Thomas Lester Villiers. He started building this in 1920 and competed in 1931. The fascinating creation was built by Indian architects and the bungalow consists of many rooms.The ceiling of each room has been beautified with different carvings.

Adisham Bangalow 

This is one of the highest points of the tea estate which was commenced by Sir Thomas Lipton. From the top of the hill, the beautiful Tea Estate can be seen and very important as a view point. When there is a clear weather faraway places five districts near Baudulla could be seen from here. This marvelous viewing point is located 17 km away from Haputale along Dambetenna road.

Lipton Seat 

To reach this area, one has to travel 07 km along Spring Valley road from Badulla up to Kottegoda tea factory, turning to left. It is 11 km from there and it is necessary to go on foot about 06 km. The Namunukula peak, which is 6617 ft (2016.87m), is the highest mountain in Uva Province. This mountain range consists of clearly visible 09 tiny mountain peaks.

Namunukula Mountain Range 

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